Remedy Massager

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Tired of painful neck muscles?

Muscle pain caused by fatigue, injury or cervical arthritis (cervical spondylosis) requires constant attention. A professional therapist is often required on a regular basis to provide some relief. 

The Remedy Massager™ by NeckCare provides revolutionary technology that utilizes infrared warmth and therapeutic stimulation to literally calm your nerves. It's effectiveness is so overwhelming that physiotherapists and chiropractor's recommend the Remedy Massager™ as a self-treatment solution. The low-impulse technology eliminates muscle spasms and alleviates soaring neck pains.


  • Medical low frequency electric impulse technology, delivering repeated low-frequency acupuncture that stimulates the body to relax tight muscles and meridians, eliminating pain and soreness.
  • There are 15 options to regulate intensity and 3 different artificial stimulation modes: Intelligent Mode, Relax Mode and Active Mode.
  • Provides body-adaptive infrared heating that stimulates circulation, relieves cervical tension and restores damaged cervical balance.
  • The beautiful design envelops comfortably around your neck and is not obtrusive to wear outside or at the office. 

Powerful to treat:

  • Neck fatigue resulting from long hours of work
  • Stiff back neck caused by using a computer for a long time
  • Forward head posture caused by using a smartphone
  • General accumulated fatigue. 
  • In addition to the neck, can also be utilized to massage the upper arm, lower arm, thigh and lower leg.

Technical specifications

  • Power supply is USB (cable included) and easy to charge anywhere.
  • Device is fully charged within 4 hours and battery can last for approximately 15 days with normal usage (15 min per day)
  • Medical electric impulse frequency is operating at 1 - 1000Hz with an impulse width of 20-400μm
  • Massage heating temperature is between 37°-43°/98-109°F, depending on the selected program


  • Please consult your physician or General Practitioner (GP) first regarding use in combination with serious medical conditions other than cervical spine tension resulting from fatigue. Also, in case of extreme pain - see your GP first.
  • The impulse frequency and warmth generated by the Remedy Massager are harmless and considered safe to use. Do use with care, usage is at your own risk.
  • Suitable for everyone - but not for elderly over 70, pregnant women and users of medical auxiliary equipment such as pacemakers.

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