Dr Susan Murray about NeckCare's Remedy Massager

Persistent neck pain is common and is caused by many factors - including accidents, sitting hours and hours in the same awkward position. 

Anti-inflammatory drugs are often recommended treatment, but these frequently don't provide sufficient long-term relief. In addition, massages can really relieve tension and neck pain, if its done by a professional therapist and at the right time. One-hour sessions up to three times a week appear to be effective to address the most severe cases of neck tension. Getting a professional massage three times a week may not be feasible for many though - and a recommended solution is to utilize modern massaging solutions like NeckCare's Remedy Massager.

To test its effectiveness, I've tested this among two different peer groups, one whom utilized it at least once a day for 15 minutes - and one group that didn't do anything at all but use prescribed drugs. I assessed neck function and pain levels two weeks after the peer groups came back - stopping also drug intake in the secondary peer group. My research showed that patients that utilized NeckCare's Remedy Massager for at least once a day during a week showed impressive improvement.

Compared to those who received no massage but pain medication alone, it appears that the revolutionary TENS technology is meaningful in improving function and reducing pain levels. Patients are likely to report a meaningful decrease in pain levels after usage. In addition to my own work, the University of Iowa has published several research papers regarding the benefits of trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) for treating neck pain.

Clearly, frequently visiting a therapist or professional massager isn't an option for you - the NeckCare Remedy can be an effective self-treatment option. 


Dr Susan Murray, MD
Rheumatologist at the Royal Perth Hospital